Waterford Twp, MI, USA

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We’re responsible for consistently maintaining a high standard of living within our community. Our residents’ satisfaction is our top priority. You can count on us for anything related to common area maintenance and community services. We’re Cherokee Hills Waterford, always there for you. Please use the form below to contact us with questions or concerns.

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Waste Management has notified us that they will no longer pick up more than one recycling container. The recycling contract allows for one large bin or one small one, anything else will be left behind. It is our understanding that they will collect their bins on the last day of the contract. We will try to keep you apprised here of any changes.


Annual dues:

The treasurer has noted that many have failed to add the $.50 from the $45.50 to their dues for trash collection. To date our budget is short $35. If you are paying quarterly this will be added to what you owe next quarter with no late fee assigned.


Winter is here. If you park a vehicle in the street, park in your drive so that the plow company can effectively clear the roads.


Single Source Residential Waste Hauler Service.

Effective March 30, 2020, our contract with Waste Management will terminate and GFL will be our trash hauler. Per the Township website, all residents are automatically signed up for GFL. Bins will be delivered starting March 10 and 1st quarter invoices will arrive March 16. For more information go to: www.waterfordmi.gov/trash

 Status Letters:

If you are buying or refinancing and require a status letter, the Association charges a $100 fee. Once we have received payment, we will issue a letter in five business days.   

Association fees: if you are paying quarterly, due dates are published in the newsletter below. Please pay on time via USPS; placing payment in a mailbox does not guarantee that it will be received nor does it constitute on time delivery. Some have done this and the letter carrier took the envelope. Late fees will be assessed if not received by the due date, regardless of the date on the check or post date.

Per the bylaws, trash receptacles may not be visible from the exterior of your unit except on days when trash is collected. Notice was given in the annual newsletter, fines will be assessed against violators. 

Architecture and Landscaping Change Request Form

Violation Report

If you feel a Homeowner has committed an infraction of the bylaws or rules download, fill out and submit this form to the Board via email or postage.  

Association Meetings

May 8, 2019

Donelson Elementary Library

Trash and Recycling Schedule

Annual Newsletter


Board of Directors/Officers

President: Melanie Kosti

Vice President/Secretary: Steve Widman

Treasurer: Matt Kiser

cherokeehillswaterford@gmail .com



Waterford Twp, MI, USA